3 Common Problems PR & Marketing Agencies Have When It Comes To Social Content Creation

As a PR or marketing agency owner, you may have the responsibility of managing each business’ social content. And whilst this is ok for a short while, as your business starts to grow it’s likely that you’ll face several issues with the amount of content you can create at one time.  

You want each project to run smoothly without any hiccups, but by taking on this huge responsibility on your own, it’s inevitable that some problems will arise.

As nice as it would be to be superhuman. This isn’t possible. So what are the issues that you could face? And what’s the solution? 

1. Lack of resources in-house

When it comes to social media content creation, you want it to be of a high quality every time. However, it doesn’t always come easily – especially when you’re doing it all in-house.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s also very costly due to the film equipment you need to hire for video content. And if you do decide to hire any additional in-house employees, you then have to contend with having to budget for their salaries. 

With a lack of resources, the workload that’s coming in just isn’t feasible, leading to further potential problems – such as client dissatisfaction. Also, because you have fewer people working on each campaign, there’s likely to be a lack of creativity – resulting in the content looking similar across all clients. 

Even if you hire freelancers for your video content creation, you face the issue of inconsistent content output and a lack of communication as they are likely to be working on several projects at one time. 

2. Ever-changing Trends

Social media content creation is an art. And it’s a task that involves creating content that aligns with ever-changing trends. While having an in-house team can be useful in many ways, there can be the issue of staying on top of these trends.

This is especially difficult if you only have one or two in-house employees or freelancers you’re relying on. As they have so much work to do within their roles, trends could quickly pass them by without them having the time or know-how to create content that’s relevant.

3. Profitability

Whether you’ve hired two members of staff or you’re outsourcing the work to freelancers, you could quickly go over your social content budget. As a PR agency, you might have big aspirations for each project you take on. But these might be far out of reach when you have a group of freelancers or in-house staff’s salaries that you have to pay.

The return on investment you get from the project then directly affects your business’ profitability.

The Solution? 

So what’s the solution to these common problems? Well, one way that you can increase profitability, stay on trend and gain invaluable resources is to partner with an external social content or advertising agency. 

Always focused on the latest trends within social content, they will ensure that your PR or marketing agency is always ahead of the curve. And what’s better, your ideal budget can become a reality.

How? Because your social content partner will work with you from the beginning to ensure that everything they produce is valuable to you and within your client’s expectations. Making the process more efficient from start to finish, you can have powerful and fabulous social content in no time at all. 

They are made up of a team of editors, filmmakers, creatives, etc. – this bonus of extensive knowledge regarding the creation process, marketing and branding results in a cost-effective strategy that works out to be much better value over time than hiring more in-house employees or outsourcing to freelancers.

Not only this, but by partnering with a trusted social content creation company, you will receive a higher level of support. This also results in a better level of communication, with no delays or hand-holding along the way. 

Making your agency stronger and more impactful in the long term, it’s a technique that will help it to grow and establish itself within your industry.