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Social Content Creation Partner vs Freelancers: Pros and Cons

When you’re looking to boost your business’ presence on social media, you may wonder which strategy to use. With the goal to grow your company, you need a solution that’s effective both now and in the future. 

Which leads you to wonder – should your business outsource the work to a social content partner or hire freelancers?

It can be a challenge to decide on which path you should take. Which is why it’s a good idea to first identify the difference between the two. So let’s outline this first before getting into the pros and cons.

  • A Social Freelancer –  A social content freelancer is a self-employed professional that works remotely with multiple clients at one time. 
  • A Social Content Creation Partner – a third-party business that comes with a team of social content professionals that will be working with your agency.  

To ensure that you’re measuring social performance and receiving the return on investment you deserve we’ve created a list of the advantages and downsides of both options:

Let’s start with the pros and cons of hiring freelancers for your social media content creation requirements:

The Pros

  • They can help to fill any gaps by offering their specialist skills in social content.
  • They are flexible – as they can be hired for either a limited time or for extensive projects.
  • They are cheaper – due to their flexibility and the fact that they are only hired occasionally.

The Cons

  • Content isn’t always consistent – especially if you’re considering hiring different freelancers.
  • Lack of communication – as social freelancers could be working on several projects at one time, they might not give your business the attention it deserves. 
  • Time and project management issues – associated with the multiple projects they are working on. This means that your campaigns may take longer to come into fruition. 
  • They can be expensive in the long term – if any mistakes are made/depending on the level of expertise each freelancer has.

Hiring a social content freelancer is a popular method used by businesses that are looking for a cheaper alternative. And although they are arguably beneficial for one-off tasks, for a long-term strategy a solo freelancer might not be the best choice. 

This is mostly down to the fact they are working with several clients at one time, resulting in your business’ social media gradually starting to drop in terms of their priorities. 

So what are some of the pros and cons of working with a social content creation partner?

The Pros

  • You will be working with a whole team – ensuring that your social content is always updated, social metrics are measured and each campaign is high quality.
  • The team will be able to create extraordinary ideas for your business – multiple professionals = a bunch of amazing ideas.
  • They can be cost-efficient – by outlining the budgets from the beginning, the partner will figure out how to get the best value and social media ROI for your business.

The Cons 

  • Potential competition – as they also specialise in social media marketing.
  • The potential worry of the client going directly to them.
  • Although they will align with your budget, upfront a partner will look expensive – leading many agencies to opt for the cheaper option despite the lack of experience or quality 

Although the downsides associated with a social content creation partner may worry some agencies, we would argue that if you maintain a great partnership with them from the beginning, highlight your processes and what you want to achieve from your social content, then there really isn’t any significant cons of working with a social content creation partner. 


At the end of the day, it’s your choice which route you take. However, by looking at the pros and the cons, it’s fair to say that working with a social content creation partner is a safe bet. 

By choosing this route, you will be able to pitch together and build your agency with double the expertise. Filling the gaps, it’s clear to see that the pros associated with hiring a partner arguably overshadow that of working with a freelancer. 

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